THIRTY: 30 Creative Minds Under 30 

THIRTY: 30 Creative Minds Under 30 is a series of monthly talks featuring thirty emerging Baltimore artists under the age of thirty. All of the participants will use a diverse range of creative practices, from visual art to performance, curatorial, community art, design, film, photography and technology to create visual experiences. Through these talks, guests will be able to learn about interdisciplinary practices and how these creative minds all share a similar goal: to present a visual experience. Every month 2‐3 artists will convene to present their perspectives on current cultural trends and how that plays into their practice, use of media and outcomes. Conceptually, THIRTY originated through Michelle Gomez, a MICA undergraduate alumni and current M.F.A. in Curatorial Practice candidate. Ms. Gomez served MAP through her student seat on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) and by chairing the THIRTY committee. Other THIRTY committee members include Briony Evans Hynson, also a MICA alumni, and Joe Letourneau, MAP’s new Program Advisory Committee Chair.

Participants of THIRTY (2013) were selected by the THIRTY committee and MAP staff through either open call or by invitation. These individuals are: Kyle Bauer, Dustin Boise, Amy Boone‐McCreesh, Hannah Brancato, Milana Braslavsky, Emily C‐D, Rebecca Chan, Alicia Ciambrone, Hoesy Corona, Nancy Daly, Michelle Dickson, Deana Haggag, Nora Howell, Anne Jordan, Aran Keating, Charlotte Keniston, Judy Kurjan, Jim Leach, Jen Liu, Monica Lopez‐Gonzalez, Ashley Minner, Michael Owen, Elle Perez, ras+e, Ryan Schroeder, Ginevra Shay, Joshua Wade Smith, Nick Clifford Simko, TT The Artist, and Mia Weiner. Stay tuned by visiting MAP's website.

THIRTY won "Best Gallery Series" in City Paper's Best of Baltimore 2013.
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