In Between Desire and Satisfaction, 2010

Installation-pomegranate Arils, wood, fabric, live performance

8' x 4' x 6'

Performer: Leslie Ortiz

Video by Elle Perez

Wooden table by Joanna Mitchell

In Between Desire and Satisfaction is inspired by personal experience and existentialist ideas on suffering, addiction and cycles. I created a confined but comfortable environment covered in plushy white fabric where a female performer dressed in white sits behind a wooden table focused on popping one pomegranate aril at a time repeatedly for three hours. The addiction to popping arils becomes an affirmation for one’s existence as a distraction from questioning one’s purpose. The desire to pop an aril is a never ending cycle to satisfy this desire which is connected to how humans are constantly seeking for satisfaction in life to find meaning. The overabundance of arils on the floor is overwhelming, exaggerated by the mirror’s reflections to create an infinite amount of arils on the floor."

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