Images and Ruins

On view June 7- August 3, 2013

School 33 Art Center

In Eduardo Cadava’s essay, The Image in Ruins, Cadava explains how images so often speak of death and survival. Photographs also speak of the mourning and preservation of what no longer exists. Images and Ruins is about both the preservation and destruction of memories through alternative photographic processes, and how those processes are important to understanding the final outcome of the photograph. The manipulation of photography by means of obliterating, blurring, white washing, sanding, repeating and destroying imagery reveal the artist’s personal truths regarding the people featured in the photographs. Viewers are thus presented with new altered realities.

In these works, artists use photographic imagery of frozen moments in time. These frozen moments become ruins because history can only be understood through its disappearance. The raw and physical interactions with photographic prints bring to light the mind’s processes, giving viewers a look into how artists deal with memories, fears, past experiences and repressed histories. 

Featured artists include: 

Twiggy Boyer, Chajana denHarder, Michael Koliner, Shannon LaRue, Erin Maywhoor, Joseph Parra, Nick Clifford Simko, and Heather Stratton

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