I'm attracted to someone else, 2012


Featured at the Hillyer Art Space in DC

Inspired by recent experiences surrounding loss, I’m attracted to someone else. is a performance that reenacts a life changing moment in Michelle’s life. Viewers will be invited to watch a silent and awkward interaction between a couple eating at the dinner table. This performance is titled after the first photograph in her latest series, Conversations with my therapist. The conscious effort of reproducing a life experience as art becomes a tool to share a meaningful and universal performance about human pain. I’m attracted to someone else shows that art can be used as an antidote for suffering. This performance will allow viewers to reflect on their own heartbreaking experiences and nerve-wracking dinners to promote betterself-understanding and self-acceptance. This is Michelle’s second performance featured at the Hillyer Art Space as part of their Soapbox performance art series. Soapboxis a monthly performance art series at Hillyer Art Space, which seeks to increase exposure to this underrepresented form in DC. 

I'm attracted to someone else. (Conversations with my therapist), Digital C-Print, 20" x 24"

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