Press and Interviews

August 24, 2016, Art x Culture x Social Justice, Intimate Interludes #4 Michelle Ivette Gomez and Sharbreon Plummer 

2016, Featured in "Creatives of Color", a book published by Precious Blake 

January 13, 2016, What Weekly, Seeking A Sense of Belonging with Curator Michelle Ivette Gomez, Interview by Jordannah Elizabeth

October 24, 2015, Jack & Liberty, Creative Family Reunion: Michelle Gomez, Interview by Jack Sorokin and Liberty Riggs

September 14, 2015, Baltimore City Paper’s Best of Baltimore, Best Overdue Conversation: Art-Part’heid

September 5, 2015, Be Exposed Radio, The Artist Exchange Radio Show

May 16, 2015, Critical Eyes, Curating Change, Interview by Tamara Cedré

February 11, 2015, The Marc Steiner Show WEAA 88.9FM, If I Were Mayor of Baltimore: Arts, Development, and Gentrification

January 29, 2015, The Marc Steiner Show WEAA 88.9FM, Art-Part’heid: Bridging the Gaps of Disparities in the Baltimore Art Scene

December 23, 2014, Bmore Art, The Future of Arts Administration is Now, Interview and podcast by Cara Ober

May 2, 2014, WYPR The Signal, Devociones y Fe, Article and Radio Interview by Bret Jaspers

April 23, 2014 Bmore Art, Curating Community, Article by Marnie Benney

April 17, 2014, Socially Engaged Arts Journal, Devociones y Fe feature

September 21, 2013, Bmore Art, Congregational Aesthetics: Tiffany Jones Creates a Hush Harbor at MICA, Review by Cara Ober

September 18, 2013, Baltimore City Paper’s Best of Baltimore, Best Gallery Series: Map’s 30 Creative Minds Under 30 monthly speaker series

September 14, 2013, The Baltimore Sun, Students, artists and churchgoers collaborate to create ‘Congregate’ exhibit at MICA, Mary McCauley

September 11, 2013, The Washington Post Ed.U Guide to Business and Graduate Education, MICA Expands Role of Curators

August 9, 2013, The Washington Post: El Tiempo Latino, Impulsan el amor a la museología, Article by Santiago David Távara

July 31, 2013, Baltimore City Paper, Two exhibits examine longevity and decay with photos, film, and models, Review by Michael Farley

July 22, 2013, IVYbetty, Feature: Michelle Gomez, Interview by Adam Ivy

April 30, 2013, Bmore Art, 30 Creative Minds Under Thirty Interview with Michelle Gomez, Interview by Jill Gordon

April 18, 2013, What Weekly, MAP’s 30 Under 30, Article by Liz Harby

April 2, 2013, The Say Series, Michelle Gomez The Say Series 3, Video Interview by Diamond Newman

August 13, 2012, Art is About, Michelle Ivette Gomez | In Between Desire and Satisfaction, About Artists by Eddie Arroyo

April 23, 2012, Eat On This, #EasyAccess, Review by Abdu Ali Eaton

March 27, 2012, Eat On This, Everyone In The Family Feels It, Review by Abdu Ali Eaton

November 17, 2011, The Pink Line Project, Q & A with Soapbox Artists, Interview by Franny Kupersmith

November 7, 2011, The Washington Post: Going Out Guide, Arts Brief, by Erin Williams

July 22, 2011, Charm City Current Art-Full Life, Exposed, Review by Doreen Bolger

July 18, 2011, Eat On This, Explore. Excite. Expose, Review by Abdu Ali Eaton

June 1, 2011, Laurel Leader (Baltimore Sun) Laurel C Street gallery explores fitting into diversity Mixed-media show explores living in one culture, identifying with another, Review by Gwendolyn Glenn

December 12, 2010 Eat On This, Popping Pomegranates, Review by Abdu Ali Eaton

August 2010, Miami Art Guide, New World School of the Arts presents: Young Blood New Wave 2010

August 2009, Miami Art Guide, NWSC ArtSeen Gallery. From Aug 8th through 28th, 2009

August 23, 2009, El Nuevo Herald, Universos del arte emergente en `Young Blood: New World MIXX', Review by Adriana Herrera

April 3, 2008, Sunpost, Exhibition provides student artists real world experience, Open Doors presents Young Blood

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